Calgary, AB—Trimac is proud to honour three distinguished employees—Company Driver Robin Crites, Customer Service Manager Jane Delisi, and recently retired Senior Business Analyst Roy Dupuis—for their remarkable 50 years of dedicated Service with Safety. Their unwavering dedication and exemplary contributions have played a significant role in Trimac’s illustrious history.

Robin Crites, whose journey with Trimac began as a driver, exemplifies unwavering commitment and resilience throughout his 50-year career. He has been a steadfast figure at Trimac, dedicatedly navigating roads, overcoming challenges and witnessing the evolution of the transportation landscape. Robin’s dedication and professionalism has become synonymous with the Trimac brand, inspiring his fellow colleagues and setting the standard for all Trimac drivers.

Jane, whose journey commenced in the billing department, witnessed the evolution of Trimac’s processes. Her dedication, expertise and mentorship have become an invaluable asset, simplifying operations and setting the gold standard for the team. Jane’s legacy is intricately woven into Trimac’s fabric, a testament to her impact on the company.

Roy, whose journey began in dispatch, navigated through roles until finding his passion in the information technology department. His technological expertise reshaped Trimac’s operations, leaving an enduring impact on systems and processes. His commitment to innovation and adaptability became a guiding light for the company.

“Your perseverance, dedication and loyalty have not only shaped Trimac but have become an integral part of our story,” said President & CEO Matt Faure. “Your hard work and commitment have made an indelible mark on our company’s history and success.”

Reaching 50 years with an organization is a rare and remarkable accomplishment. Their dedication serves as an inspiration to us all. Trimac is truly grateful for the countless hours they have invested in our company. We are immensely proud and fortunate to have Robin and Jane, and to have had Roy as valued members of our team.

About Trimac
Trimac Transportation was founded in 1945 as a small family trucking company based in Saskatchewan and is now one of the safest and most efficient transportation service companies in North America. With over 100 branches and a wide range of experience and services, Trimac is uniquely qualified to provide high-quality bulk shipping solutions. Trimac was built on the foundation of service with safety, and it is proud to provide an essential service and ensure our supply chain remains intact.