Our Approach

The learning experience we provide to our people goes way beyond compliance. We deliver and track our own, third-party, and customer-required training – and do it all from one place by leveraging the power of an award-winning, globally acclaimed Learning Management System.

Through our platform, we offer a combination of internal and externally authored training and learning material. We have a robust suite of training content on key health and safety topics, and with our mobile-powered job-task observations verifying performance-based competency has never been easier. Our core training focus is always on safety, however, we don’t stop there!

We know that when people are looking at joining a company today, they want opportunities for continued development and personal growth in their careers. With that in mind, we also provide opportunities to join informal learning communities with like-minded peers, engage in social learning and collaborations with people across the business, and offer a variety of courses and programs in professional development and self-improvement topics designed to help our people not just at work, but in their everyday lives as well.

Powered by Automation

We leverage the power of automation to reduce our reliance on manual processes in our course enrollments and assignments, certificate expirations, as well as user messages and reminder notifications. This means less work for our people because our system tracks their training, generates certificates, and then automatically reminds each person when those certificates are up for renewal. Training completions automatically sync across business systems, linking to our HR and Dispatch systems to ensure our people have required training before beginning their work. Are you concerned about staying on top of training compliance? Our managers and supervisors have access to a powerful Admin dashboard and can automate and schedule reports for their teams so they always have direct line-of-sight to training completions and expiries.

Lifelong Learning

Our platform and our training material are designed with our people and their user experience in mind. Both the system and its content are responsive across all devices, are mobile-friendly, and include an app where courses can be downloaded and completed offline outside of Wi-Fi zones.

This responsive design helps our people access and complete their training anywhere, anytime, reducing barriers to training completion or workflow stoppages due to expired training.

All too often workplace training can be boring information-dumps or ‘check the box’ exercises that are quickly forgotten. To ensure high-quality training experiences that cut through the noise and help our teams grow as lifelong learners, our in-house training material is designed by professional experts in adult education and digital learning. This ensures our programs focus on what matters most by using best practices in adult learning and user-centered design, incorporate the latest educational technologies, and keep us at the leading edge when it comes to empowering our people to be their very best.