Calgary, AB—Trimac is pleased to announce important updates to its executive leadership team to enhance its strategic direction and aid transformation. These leadership appointments are part of Trimac’s commitment to working with existing partners and forming new relationships to expand its reach, industry presence and service offerings—critical components in building an organization focused on creating value for its customers and providing next-generation bulk transportation solutions through operational excellence and acquisitions.

“With a nearly 80-year legacy, Trimac has consistently attributed its achievements to a dedicated workforce and a focus on Service with Safety,” said President and Chief Executive Officer Matt Faure. “These executive leadership changes enable us to meet our commitment to safely delivering products that improve people’s lives and create long-term, sustainable growth solutions that elevate and strengthen our position in the industry.”
The company has introduced the following executive leadership changes:

Ryan Collinge has been appointed Chief Operating Officer and will oversee and manage Trimac’s day-to-day operations to ensure its smooth functioning and success. Collinge will be increasingly involved in Trimac’s strategic planning, execution, resource management and fostering a culture of operational excellence.

Alex Giannuzzi has been named Vice President of Operations – NE and South and will manage integration and ensure standardization between the two regions. This move will allow Trimac to effectively oversee its cross-border hauling and chemical system freight in Canada and the United States.

Nate Kurland has been appointed Chief Revenue Officer. Kurland will spearhead revenue growth and profit maximization by strategically designing and executing sales plans to establish strong customer relations and identify market trends for optimal decision-making. Through thorough analysis, risk management and adaptive strategies, Kurland will ensure sustainable revenue expansion and market competitiveness for Trimac.

Bill Marchbank has been promoted to Senior Vice President, Mergers and Acquisitions Integration and will be responsible for providing effective leadership, management and the vision necessary to establish and execute post-acquisition integrations. Marchbank will ensure that acquired companies have the proper operational controls, administrative, reporting procedures and people systems to sustain and grow the organization and strengthen operational efficiency.

Karen Tsang has been appointed Vice President, Process Excellence & Innovation. Tsang will drive effective collaboration in the development, implementation and sustainment of processes that underpin the delivery of a superior value proposition and user experience for Trimac’s employees, customers and partners. Tsang will establish continuous process improvement and ensure scalable growth as part of Trimac’s commitment to innovation and industry transformation.

These leadership changes are part of Trimac’s ongoing efforts to develop its people and align its leadership team with its strategic goals to meet the ever-evolving needs of the transportation industry. As Trimac advances, it remains committed to its core values of Service with Safety, integrity, innovation and excellence as it continues to expand its reach and provide essential services to industries and communities across North America.

About Trimac

Trimac Transportation was founded in 1945 as a small family trucking company based in Saskatchewan and is now one of the largest transportation service companies in North America. With over 100 branches and a wide range of experience and services, Trimac is uniquely qualified to provide high-quality bulk shipping solutions. Trimac was built on the foundation of service with safety, and it is proud to provide an essential service and ensure our supply chain remains intact.