Calgary, AB—Trimac is a certified Responsible Care Company, which is the chemical manufacturing industry’s environmental, health, safety and security performance initiative sponsored by The American Chemistry Council. Last week Phil Comeau, Trimac’s Safety Manager, spoke at the Monthly Responsible Care Network Webinar on the topic of Transportation and Handling.

Both the RCMS® and RC14001® Technical Specifications of the program include consideration of transportation and distribution in the hazards/risk and aspect/impacts planning elements and to consider these issues in the emergency planning and response area.

“I shared that incidents have an interface of the following three things: Human Factor, Environment and Process,” said Comeau. “When they intersect to provide the right conditions, an incident could occur.”

Comeau shared an example of what happens when the process is not followed and took the opportunity to share his transportation wish list with the chemical companies on shipping and receiving sites.

The event was attended by 86 people from the council, chemical manufacturers from both the plant level and headquarters, as well chemical supply chain Partners.

Attendees heard from several other Partner companies on transportation risks and items to consider when looking at critical supply chain handoff points. Trimac was joined by partner organizations including Highway Transport and Dana Companies covering topics of mis-delivery issues, loading rack safety, and ongoing efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19 among drivers and plant personnel.
In addition to partner company speakers, the event featured a representative of TRANSCAER® to provide an update on the important work it is doing to foster effective emergency response preparedness along the nation’s transportation arteries and ways members can join our active partners in this chemical supply chain program.

Feedback on Comeau’s presented case study from the Council and attending members was positive.

Responsible Care is a certification involving safety, security and quality procedures required to safely be a part of the chemical supply chain.

About Trimac
Trimac was built on the foundation of service with safety. We are uniquely qualified to respond to most service demands in North America’s key bulk commodity shipping locations and traffic lanes. Trimac’s Canadian and United States operations are complemented by strategic partners in Mexico, adding full-service capability in and out of the country. With 3,400 employees including independent contractors and more than 140 branches located throughout North America, Trimac is proud to be part of the many communities in which we operate.