SPRUCE PINE, N.C—Today marks a significant milestone as Trimac Transportation announces the acquisition of Feldspar Trucking Co. Founded in 1967 as Norris Trucking, Feldspar Trucking has been a reliable brand in the transportation industry, serving clients with dedication and integrity for over five decades.

Since its humble beginnings with a single truck in operation, Feldspar Trucking has grown into a reputable company specializing in the bulk transportation of feldspar, sand, clay and minerals crucial to the ceramics and glass industries. Their commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction has remained unwavering, earning the trust and loyalty of clients.

“We are thrilled to welcome Feldspar to the Trimac family,” said Trimac President & CEO Matt Faure. “Their dedication to Service with Safety aligns perfectly with our values. Together and with the help of Feldspar’s leaders, we’re poised to enhance our bulk transportation services even further, supporting our customers and communities with unparalleled excellence.”

Feldspar Trucking’s team comprises over 60 dedicated company drivers, supported by broker carriers, office staff and shop employees.
The decision to join forces with Feldspar Trucking comes as a strategic move to further enhance Trimac’s customer service offerings and expand its geographic reach. By aligning with the local expertise of Feldspar, Trimac aims to solidify its position as a dominant carrier servicing the growing mining industry in the region.

As Trimac and Feldspar Trucking embark on this new chapter together, teams are excited about the opportunities for continued growth, innovation and excellence in service delivery. The shared values of safety, efficiency and sustainability have guided the integration process, ensuring a seamless transition for employees, customers and stakeholders.

“As a family-owned company deeply rooted in our values of integrity and service, joining forces with Trimac marks an exciting chapter in our journey,” said Jim Norris of Feldspar Trucking. “This partnership not only ensures the continued growth and success of Feldspar Trucking but also opens doors to new opportunities and expanded horizons for our team and clients alike.”

The official acquisition date is effective March 18, 2024, marking a new beginning for Feldspar Trucking under the Trimac banner.

About Trimac
Trimac Transportation was founded in 1945 as a small family trucking company based in Saskatchewan and is now one of the safest and most efficient transportation service companies in North America. With over 100 locations and a wide range of experience and services, Trimac is uniquely qualified to provide high-quality bulk shipping solutions. Trimac was built on the foundation of service with safety, and it is proud to provide an essential service and ensure our supply chain remains intact.