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Information Highway News Update – May 14

Meet our Drivers of the Week – Week of May 6, 2024

The Service Centre’s Driver of the Week award honours exemplary individuals who embody professionalism, Service with Safety and exceptional leadership within our driver fleet. This accolade recognizes their outstanding commitment to delivering excellence in every aspect of their job. This recognition celebrates their pivotal role in upholding Trimac’s reputation for excellence, inspiring others and ensuring customer satisfaction. 

Company Driver Barry Wisner

The Houston Service Centre’s Driver of the Week is Barry Wisner.
Barry is committed to Trimac’s success by delivering exceptional service to our customers. He volunteers to be the main point of contact for campaigns and businesses. He is a thorough trainer and mentor to our drivers. His guidance extends even after trainees are released from training. We are thankful to have Barry on our team and truly enjoy learning from him.

Driver Coach Francis (Jamie) Cain
The Toronto Service Centre’s (TSC) Driver of the Week is Francis (Jamie) Cain. Jamie joined Trimac as a Company Driver over 13 years ago, and since then, he has proved to be an integral part of our Detroit operations. The TSC extends sincere appreciation for Jamie’s role as a seasoned Driver Coach. His expertise and passion for developing talent have greatly contributed to our team’s success. His dedication and ability to impart knowledge effectively, coupled with a strong commitment to our safety standards is truly commendable. Over the years, Jamie has delivered consistent quality training sessions, which have had a profound impact on our drivers’ skills. His approachability and willingness to support his team are admirable qualities that do not go unnoticed. Thank you, Jamie, your strong work ethic sets a remarkable example for everyone around you. 

Owner Operator Jean Paul Beauchemin 
The Edmonton Service Centre’s Driver of the Week is Jean Paul Beauchemin. Paul is a vital member of our Dry Bulk team in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He has adeptly handled various changes in processes and workflows, smoothly transitioning to the latest Workflow 2.0. Paul’s dedication to maintaining equipment ensures smooth operations, as evident in the quick turnarounds for routine maintenance. Beyond his duties, Paul is recognized for his safe and reliable driving, earning the trust and appreciation of our cement customers. His willingness to assist our dispatch team reflects his commitment to teamwork and customer satisfaction. Paul’s practical expertise and willingness to share knowledge make him a valuable asset to our team. 

Military Appreciation Month: Gaining insights and perspective

May, officially Military Appreciation Month, is a special celebration for both those in and out of the military. Not only do we pause on Memorial Day to remember the sacrifice and service of those who gave all, but the month also holds several other military anniversaries and events, including Military Spouse Appreciation Day and Armed Forces Day. 
Many of our team members come from military backgrounds, proving that the refined strength, attention to detail and commitment required of armed forces are skills that find a home in our Trimac operations across Canada and the US. As we honour Military Appreciation Month this May, Trimac wants to shed light on the experiences and perspectives that have shaped our Trimac employees with military backgrounds.
Have you ever wondered the reasons why people join? How do military members stay in touch with family while away? What was training like? How did they adapt?  
Show appreciation for our military personnel by gaining insight into their experiences, challenges and perspectives. By asking questions and listening to our veterans’ stories, we not only honour their service but also foster understanding and connection within our Trimac family. Let’s come together to celebrate and learn from their invaluable contributions, ensuring they feel appreciated and valued throughout Military Appreciation Month and beyond. 

Submit your questions to

Declare your military status  
In an effort to recognize Trimac employees who have military backgrounds, we are asking team members to complete this form so we can update our records. 
This form is completely voluntary, and we will be using the information for marketing and recruitment efforts. We want to showcase our talented former military members during Military Month in May.  
Those who identify will receive their very own unique 2024 Trimac veteran’s collector coin, designed in honour of the service and sacrifice of members of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marines, Space Force, National Guard and the Canadian Armed Forces, as well as the contribution of their spouses.

Mind Matters: May is mental health awareness month

The month of May marks the beginning of Mental Health Awareness Month; a time used to dismantle stigma surrounding mental health and empowering individuals who are facing mental health issues to seek the support they require.
Mental health includes many components including our emotional, psychological and social well-being, affecting how we think, feel and act. Since its designation as a specially recognized month in 1949, Mental Health Awareness Month has been embraced by organizations and people alike, resulting in many campaigns and movements dedicated to the cause.
According to the Community Mental Health Action Plan, over 6.7 million Canadians live with mental health challenges, a number that continues to rise. In the United States, it was estimated that 57.8 million live with mental health challenges. 
We have a crucial role to play in advocating for mental health, increasing awareness, diminishing stigma and emphasizing the significance of access to necessary treatment and support. Championing mental health can save and transform lives.

Four tips for improving psychological well-being at work and at home.
1) Spend time with people you enjoy being around.
2) Be physically active (beyond work-related physical activity).
3) Eat a healthy diet, limiting ultra-processed foods.
4) Practice mindfulness techniques such as meditation.
Remember, a mental health professional can give you expert, personalized insights based on your situation.

Employee Assistance Program

Trimac provides an Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) to all full time salaried and hourly employees, as well as full time Independent Contractors in both Canada and the United States.

Free, confidential short term counseling services are available to you and your eligible dependents through Telus Health. There is no cost to you – premiums are 100% company paid. 

You can access the free EFAP services at any time by visiting or by calling the toll free numbers below:
US: 1-800-272-2727 | CANADA: 1-844-880-9142 

Information Highway News Update – May 7

Meet our Drivers of the Week – Week of April 29, 2024

The Service Centre’s Driver of the Week award honours exemplary individuals who embody professionalism, Service with Safety and exceptional leadership within our driver fleet. This accolade recognizes their outstanding commitment to delivering excellence in every aspect of their job. This recognition celebrates their pivotal role in upholding Trimac’s reputation for excellence, inspiring others and ensuring customer satisfaction. 

IC Driver Anthony Watts
The Houston Service Centre’s Driver of the Week is Anthony Watts.  Anthony has been a lifesaver in many situations. He’s always ready to take on extra work and goes the extra mile to complete tasks. On numerous occasions, Anthony has managed to pick up last-minute shipments with tight deadlines and ensure they’re delivered on time without any problems. He is a massive help at the Memphis terminal and we would like to thank him for his time and dedication!

Owner Operator Jaswinder Multani
The Toronto Service Centre’s Driver of the Week is Jaswinder Multani. Jaswinder continues to focus his efforts and display awareness with his driving habits. Since his last coaching session, he has successfully reduced his following distance events by 47% and improved his Idelic score from 83 to 61 in a 5-week time frame. He is making a difference in keeping everyone safe. In addition, Jaswinder has always been one of the ‘go-to’ drivers as he never says no and is always willing to help out. He is dependable for on-time delivery, and no job is too small for him take on. Thank you Jaswinder for your dedication, we are happy to have you as a part of our team!

Owner Operators George Kleinsasser and Ken Bender
The Edmonton Service Centre’s Drivers of the Week are George Kleinsasser and Ken Bender. Their commitment to staying on the road throughout April kickstarted a new pressure business. Thanks to their dedication, we successfully wrapped up our first month! Both drivers collaborated with customers and dispatch to iron out any issues without complaints. They have formed great relationships with operators and customers, and we would like to thank them for all their hard work. Dispatch wanted to give a huge shoutout to George and Ken for working together to make all our lives easier! 

Action Against Distraction: A message from CEO Matt Faure

As our Distracted Driving Campaign continues, we extend heartfelt thanks to all who have pledged to take Action Against Distraction on our website. As transportation industry professionals, we’re committed to upholding our Core Value of Doing the Right Thing and setting a positive example by prioritizing the end of distracted driving.  
In this impactful video message, Trimac’s President & CEO Matt Faure underscores the importance of taking action against distracted driving. He urges us all, professional drivers and support staff alike, to prioritize safety on the roadways, emphasizing the impact each of us can make in preventing accidents and protecting lives. Let’s heed his call and unite in our mission to end distracted driving, setting a new standard of responsibility and care within our industry.  

Trimac named Grand Award winner in 2023 North American Safety Contest, now competes for coveted Heil Trophy

Trimac is thrilled to announce its achievement as a Grand Award winner in the Class 1 for-hire fleet category of the 2023 North American Safety Contest. This prestigious recognition underscores Trimac’s commitment to maintaining the highest standards of safety within the tank truck industry. Grand Award companies then compete for the title of NTTC’s 2023 North American Safety Champion and the Heil Trophy at this week’s National Tank Truck Carriers (NTTC) Annual Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.
The North American Safety Contest is an integral part of NTTC’s efforts to promote safety and excellence among tank truck operations across North America. Competing against numerous respected carriers, Trimac has distinguished itself by advancing to the final stage in the Class 1 category for for-hire carriers.
Trimac took home the Heil Trophy back in 2019 and has been a Grand Award winner multiple times since.
“Being named a finalist is a great honour and reflects the relentless dedication of our team towards safety,” said Alex Guariento, Vice President of Safety at Trimac. “We are eagerly looking forward to the final results, and remain committed to our core values of safety and excellence, regardless of the outcome.”
The path to becoming a finalist involved a rigorous evaluation process, beginning with applications and audits early in the year, followed by intense judging rounds. This structured approach ensures that all contenders are thoroughly assessed on their safety protocols and performance.

Achieving Grand Award finalist status in the North American Safety Contest not only enhances Trimac’s reputation within the industry but also strengthens trust among stakeholders and clients. It positions Trimac as a leader in safety, setting a high benchmark for others in the sector. Additionally, the data and metrics gathered through this contest serve as a potent advocacy tool, shaping legislative and policy decisions at a national level.
It is thanks to the hard work and dedication of our teams across Canada and the United States that this achievement has been made possible. As Trimac prepares for the final announcement at the NTTC Annual Conference, the company continues to focus on its safety initiatives, driving forward with the goal of not just winning awards, but also setting the gold standard for safety in the tank truck industry.

Trimac launches Military Appreciation campaign for May

As part of Military Appreciation Month this May, Trimac is proud to launch a special campaign to honour and celebrate our employees with military backgrounds.  
In an effort to recognize Trimac employees who have military backgrounds, we are asking team members to complete this online form so we can update our records. This form is completely voluntary, and we will be using the information for marketing and recruitment efforts. We want to showcase our talented former military members during Military Month in May. Those who identify will receive their very own Trimac veteran’s collector coin. 

Ask a military member 
Throughout the month, we invite all employees to participate in our “Ask a Military Member” initiative, where you can submit questions to our Trimac family members about their experiences in the military. This campaign aims to foster understanding, appreciation and connection within our Trimac family while recognizing the invaluable contributions and sacrifices made by our military personnel. 
To participate, simply fill out the questionnaire, where you can submit your questions anonymously or include your name if you prefer. Our Trimac family with military background will then have the chance to answer these questions, sharing their unique perspectives and stories. Join us in showing our appreciation for our veterans and deepening our understanding of their invaluable service to our country. 
Note: Please keep your questions professional and respectful.  

Trimac’s Summer Internship Program – meet the 2024 interns!

Trimac recognizes the significance of nurturing new talent and innovative thinking, which is why this year, 16 interns were accepted from a variety of backgrounds and skillsets. We look forward to providing them with rewarding and impactful experiences; ones that will serve as the foreground to their future careers. 
The Trimac Summer Internship Program gives students the opportunity to work on real-time projects that contribute to their own success and the success of the company. By investing in the future of our industry, we provide mentorship to the next generation of professionals, allowing us to continuously innovate and grow.  

API/EDI Support Intern Jillian Bennett
Jillian is currently in her last semester pursuing a Bachelor of Computer Information Systems at Mount Royal University. This marks her third work term at Trimac, where she has been able to leverage her experience to gain valuable insights into the industry while assisting the business process team. Before joining Trimac, Jillian worked with children teaching them coding skills, which sharpened her communication abilities and expanded her previous knowledge.
Legal Intern Kieran Boyko
Kieran is a third-year law student at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alta., who is returning for his second summer at Trimac. Having focused on business and corporate law in school, Kieran is eager to apply his knowledge in his position as Legal Intern. Kieran is excited to rejoin the team at Trimac and continue learning the business in a supportive environment. This summer, Kieran’s work will span various areas. He will begin with drafting agreements that can be used in different areas of Trimac’s business. Kieran will also be working on developing assessment tools for dealing with private information along with reviewing contracts and providing legal research.

Financial Analyst Intern Joseph Jacknife
​​​​​​​Joseph Jacknife is currently pursuing his Bachelor of Business at NAIT, specializing in finance. “I’ve always been fascinated by the trucking industry, having worked in it for most of my life,” said Joseph. This led him to choose Trimac, where he aims to expand his knowledge about the industry he loves alongside industry experts. Joseph is excited to join Trimac’s finance team, where he can mix what he’s learning in school with real-world experience.

HR Total Rewards Intern Kali Pomponio
​​​​​​​Kali Pomponio hails from Prince Rupert, B.C., and she recently completed her fourth year from the University of Calgary, majoring in Business with a focus on Organizational Behavior and Human Resources. She’ll be working in the HR department, specifically on the Total Rewards team. Kali is enthusiastic about learning from seasoned professionals and bringing her own passion and expertise to the team.

Data Analyst Intern Dylan Saunders
 Dylan is a third-year Bachelor of Science student majoring in Data Science at the University of British Columbia in Kelowna, B.C. Dylan will help support Trimac’s existing ETL process and manage MBI jobs. He will actively develop and manage BI reports and contribute to the analysis required for BI queries and resolutions while shadowing his team.

Dispatch Support Intern Derryck Jacques
​​​​​​​Derryck is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration with a focus on logistics and marketing at HEC Montréal. Prior to Trimac, Derryck worked in event logistics for the Alouettes de Montréal, a professional Canadian football team, where he managed game operations and logistics along with material transport during events. Joining Trimac as a Dispatcher Intern, Derryck is eager to learn about the integration of business strategies and market logistics. 

Dispatch Support Intern Sebastian Tai
​​​​​​​Currently in his third year, Sebastian is studying Supply Chain Management at Humber College in Toronto. Prior to Humber, he earned a degree in finance from the University of Ottawa and completed a postgraduate certificate in Supply Chain Management from Seneca College. Sebastian is starting his journey at Trimac as a Dispatch Support Intern at the Toronto Service Centre. He is excited to get real-world experience in the Supply Chain field with Trimac. Sebastian was interested in joining Trimac because of the focus on developing employees, a value he noticed emphasized on Trimac’s careers page.

Dispatch Support Intern Daniel (Yaeram) Yoo
​​​​​Daniel is a third-year business student at George Brown College in Toronto, with a focus on Supply Chain and Operations Management. Daniel’s career aspiration is to innovate and enhance supply chain efficiencies, promoting sustainable and effective management practices. As a Dispatch Support Intern at Trimac’s Toronto Service Centre, Daniel aims to immerse himself in the transportation and logistics field. Motivated by his passion for contributing to innovative solutions that improve safety, sustainability and operational efficiency, he is excited to apply his mix of classroom knowledge and real-world logistics experience at Trimac this summer.

Dispatch Support Intern Salma Mohamed
​​​​​​Salma is a second-year business student at Humber College in Toronto, majoring in Supply Chain Management. “I am excited to join the team as a dispatch intern! I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to learn and grow alongside the experienced team here,” said Salma.

Billing Specialist Intern Gurnoor Kaur
​​​​​​​Gurnoor is a second-year Bachelor of Commerce student, specializing in Accounting at Grant MacEwan university in Edmonton, Alta. Gurnoor believes in the importance of finding one’s own path and starting from the ground up. Joining Trimac as a Billing Specialist Intern marks a significant step in her career journey. She sees this opportunity as a chance to apply her learning in a real-world setting. Drawn to Trimac’s reputation for excellence in logistics and transportation, Gurnoor views the internship as an avenue to gain hands-on experience, refine her skills and make meaningful contributions to the company.

Dispatch Support Intern Quwamdeen Ibiribigbe
​​​​​​​Quwamdeen, a fourth-year student at Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, B.C., is pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in supply chain and a minor in project management. Prior to joining Trimac, he served as a marketing ambassador at Thompson Rivers University and worked as a support worker at the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA), gaining valuable experience. Quwamdeen chose to join Trimac to gain real-world experience in the transportation and logistics industry. He identified Trimac as a reputable company offering numerous opportunities for learning and growth, and he was eager to be part of that experience.

Dispatch Support Intern Farzan Faisal
​​​​​​​Farzan Faisal is a third-year student at the University of Alberta, pursuing a double major in Computer Science and Mathematics. Farzan’s choice to intern at Trimac was deliberate and driven by the desire to gain valuable experience in the transportation industry. Farzan will be working as a Dispatch Support Intern within the petroleum sector. His goal is to bring forth new insights, with respect to analytical and technological changes, that could propel the company’s growth.

Dispatch Support Intern Blake Coe
​​​​​​​Excited for his second summer as an intern, Blake is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce with a focus on Supply Chain Management at the Macewan University. Through his educational experiences, Blake developed a passion for business and supply chain management which led him to pursue career opportunities in logistics and operations. Blake is looking forward to applying his previous skills and working with a team who shares the same company values and culture.

Dispatch Support Intern Clive Dashcavich 
​​​​​​​As a Supply Chain Management student at NAIT, Clive is pursuing a career in logistics, aiming for the Supply Chain Management Professional (SCMP) designation. Currently, Clive is in the process of helping start the Supply Chain Club of NAIT as VP of Operations. Clive’s previous work experiences include purchasing and shipping. He hopes to gain logistics experience at Trimac. In the long term, he plans to pursue opportunities in customs brokerage or 3PL logistics.

Information Highway News Update – April 30

Meet our Drivers of the Week – Week of April 22, 2024

The Service Centre’s Driver of the Week award honours exemplary individuals who embody professionalism, Service with Safety and exceptional leadership within our driver fleet. This accolade recognizes their outstanding commitment to delivering excellence in every aspect of their job. This recognition celebrates their pivotal role in upholding Trimac’s reputation for excellence, inspiring others and ensuring customer satisfaction. 

Company Driver Darnell Sterling 
The Houston Service Centre’s Driver of the Week is Darnell Sterling.  After acquiring a new sulphuric acid lane in Geismar, Darnell was able to provide his knowledge, good work ethic and amazing customer service skills to initiate operations. Darnell is a valuable asset to Trimac and we appreciate his commitment to safety and customer satisfaction. Drivers like Darnell are instrumental in Trimac’s success. 

Company Driver Henry Blokker
The Toronto Service Centre’s Driver of the Week is Henry Blokker, who has been with Trimac for more than 18 years.  In 2023, Henry had zero camera incidents and he consistently maintained the lowest IDELIC score. His behaviour has a positive impact and significantly contributes to the company’s ability to provide service safely. Last week Henry also won the ISAAC Score contest for outstanding fuel mileage. Congratulations, Henry, and thank you for your exceptional commitment and dedication!

Owner Operator Adil Adus
The Edmonton Service Centre’s Driver of the Week is Adil Adus. Adil began his journey with Trimac in 2014 as an IC driver and by 2020, he transitioned to  an Owner Operator with Trimac. He consistently goes above and beyond to support fellow drivers and exceed customer expectations. Always eager to embrace new challenges, Adil currently handles various assignments, including hauling molten sulphur, petcoke with both belly dump and side dumps, and stepping in for solvent hauls as required. He is always a pleasure to work with and a team member we can always count on to do the job right and safely. 

Watch the 2024 Q1 Town Hall Replay

President & CEO Matt Faure was joined by the senior leadership team to share highlights from this year’s first financial quarter at a virtual Town Hall on Thursday, April 25, 2024. Watch the Town Hall on demand here!
A wide array of topics was discussed during the Town Hall, including our first quarter safety, operations and commercial performance, info on our newest acquisition and what to expect for the remainder of the year, as well as an update on the Polaris strategy.
Some great questions from the audience were answered, including how we plan to address diversity and inclusion in our hiring practices, insight into the purchase of new equipment and how corporate staff can help lower our operating ratio.
If you have questions, ideas, or learnings that you would like to share, please send them to:

Bronte and Sarnia teams acknowledged with 2023 J.R. (Bud) McCaig Safety Awards

The Bronte and Sarnia, Ont. branches were recently awarded J.R. (Bud) McCaig Safety Awards. This was the Bronte branch’s third consecutive year winning the award and the Sarnia branch’s 14th overall win—a testament to their unwavering commitment to safety.
The J.R. (Bud) McCaig Safety Award is presented to branches with the highest accident-free miles. Named in honour of Trimac’s founder, the award was established in 2004 to represent the “best of the best” in road safety performance of all Trimac branches in North America.
“Bronte has an incredible group of professional drivers, an excellent dispatch team and an exceptional safety department,” said Bronte Terminal Manager Janet Philp. “I am so proud of this team and everything we have accomplished.”
“This [win] is no small accomplishment,” said Sarnia Terminal Manager Douglas Gatecliff. “I am very proud to be a part of this team.”

Congratulations to all the employees, drivers, independent contractors and management teams who contributed to these accomplishments!

Ralph DeOsio celebrates over five decades of service as he retires from NTS South

After an extraordinary 53 years, Mechanic Rafael E. DeOsio, known affectionately as Ralph by his colleagues, has retired from his position as a mechanic at NTS South’s San Antonio, Texas branch. Starting his career in April 1971, Ralph has seen the industry evolve from the ground up—literally, beginning his journey washing trucks before quickly moving up the ranks to become a pivotal part of the shop team.
Ralph reflected on the changes that took place over the decades, from his early days at Robertson Tank Lines and DSI to the technological advancements that transformed the field.
“I started washing trucks, and two months later, after the previous mechanic never showed up, I was given the chance to move up,” Ralph recalled. He quickly mastered complex tasks, earning certifications in transmissions and more, during a time when trucks were simpler to repair.
Ralph’s career is filled with memorable moments, like the time he drove to Louisiana for a Truckline job assignment or the days he spent playing pool during breaks at the shop. His contributions extended beyond the mechanical, often stepping in to drive trucks on inter-state routes, an endeavour that expanded his role and brought new experiences.
“I’ve been at the same shop since ’82, only moving locations once,” he said.
Over the years, Ralph adapted to the increasing incorporation of technology into mechanics, which presented challenges that he overcame with dedication. His role expanded to include managing inspections as a DOT inspector, a task he approached with meticulous care to ensure safety and compliance.
Reflecting on how the role of a mechanic has changed, Ralph emphasized the shift from manual tasks like changing tires and handling clutches to more sophisticated diagnostic and maintenance responsibilities.

“The job’s the same but the tools and skills have changed,” he added.
Ralph has been a mentor to many, sharing his knowledge and experience generously.
“We’ve got some good ones here now, including a 24-year-old who’s both a mechanic and a welder. We get along really good,” he said, proud of the continuing tradition of skilled craftsmanship he’s helped foster.
The culture at NTS South has evolved, but the camaraderie and the shared commitment to excellence have remained constants that Ralph has always cherished.
To those just starting out, Ralph offers simple yet powerful advice: “Keep on learning.” His approach to continuous improvement and adaptation has been a cornerstone of his career.
As for retirement, Ralph looks forward to spending more time with his wife and participating in community activities and his hobby of flea market shopping, though he remains open to the new adventures this phase of life might bring.
“I don’t know exactly what’s next, but I’m looking forward to the time ahead,” he said.
As Ralph steps away from NTS South, he leaves behind a legacy of hard work, resilience and an unflagging spirit that has inspired many.
“Just keep up the good work. I’m proud of what we’ve done here, and I’ve had a good time working with everyone,” he said.
Ralph’s presence at NTS South will be profoundly missed, but his impact will undoubtedly continue to be felt for years to come. We thank Ralph for his dedication and wish him a fulfilling and joyful retirement.
“Ralph loves his Trimac family and is one dedicated employee,” said Garry Peacock, Director NTS. “We will miss his positive attitude and smiling face.”

Explore quality used trucks with Trimac equipment sales

Did you know that Trimac offers a selection of quality used trucks for sale? Our inventory includes 58 trucks currently listed online, with an additional 50 trucks being prepared for sale this week.
We are particularly excited to extend special benefits to our Company Drivers, Independent Contractors and Owner Operators through the IC Incentive Program and exclusive Company Driver discounts. The inventory listed for sale is not limited to just our internal team; they are available to anyone interested in purchasing a reliable used truck.
For further details or to inquire about specific trucks, please contact us at Our team is prepared to assist with any questions and help guide potential buyers through the purchasing process.
We invite everyone to visit our sales page at Trimac Equipment Sales to view our current inventory and find out more about the vehicles that can meet both professional and personal transportation needs.

Information Highway News Update – April 23

Meet our Drivers of the Week – Week of April 15, 2024

The Service Centre’s Driver of the Week award honours exemplary individuals who embody professionalism, Service with Safety and exceptional leadership within our driver fleet. This accolade recognizes their outstanding commitment to delivering excellence in every aspect of their job. This recognition celebrates their pivotal role in upholding Trimac’s reputation for excellence, inspiring others and ensuring customer satisfaction. 

Company Driver Arlin Delbridge
Company Driver Arlin Delbridge with Rapid City, South Dakota branch has been with Trimac for 27 years. Arlin is a Driver Coach that goes out of his way to help all the drivers. He is always available by phone when drivers have a question or issue. Arlin has been South Dakoda Driver of the Month in the past and is now on the Trimac Driver’s Council. Arlin is a valuable asset to the branch, and we appreciate all he does for us.
Owner Operator Makhan Singh
The Toronto Service Centre would like to nominate Owner Operator Makhan Singh, our outstanding driver from the Dundas cement branch 257 for his exceptional mastery of Workflow 2.0. He consistently ensures to input the correct information into his trips in real time and follows the right procedure. Because of him, billing runs super smoothly without any hiccups. Mak sets the bar high, proving to his peers that perfection is possible. Thanks, Mak, for being a rockstar!

Owner Operator Ron Jewell 
The Edmonton Service Centre’s Driver of the Week is Owner Operator Ron Jewell from branch 96. Ron has over 40 years of trucking experience, and we have been lucky enough to have him with Trimac since 2021. Ron has gone above and beyond time and again for his fellow drivers, for our customers and for Trimac. Ron exemplifies Service with Safety each and every time he starts up his truck. His knowledge, experience, work ethic and professional attitude are not only valued within Trimac but elevate us daily. Thank you, Ron, for all that you do and choosing Trimac as your professional family.

Trimac Driver and Field Council meet to drive forward strategic collaboration

Trimac hosted its Driver and Field Council meetings in Calgary, Alberta, earlier this month, bringing together key members from driver and frontline management groups. This event, held this time at the Vintage Head Office, focused on strategic planning, safety initiatives and operational improvements, promoting a collaborative environment for sharing insights and feedback.
The meeting opened with an introduction by facilitators Director HR Business Partner Nick D’Amico and HRBP Priya Verma. Matt Faure, CEO, provided a pivotal update on Trimac’s current business and market conditions, underscoring the company’s strides toward achieving operational excellence.
Director Talent Management Alison Yarwood led a session on People & Culture updates, sparking discussions on the onboarding process and continuous improvement strategies. This was followed by Sr. Director Safety Lance Hagler’s presentation on incident lesson sharing, aimed at enhancing safety communication and practices among drivers.
VP Process Excellence & Innovation Karen Tsang offered insights into the impact of Isaac Workflow 2.0 on operations, soliciting feedback for further improvements and assessing its effectiveness in streamlining daily tasks for drivers. COO Ryan Collinge focused on Trailer utility and Emergency Response protocols to address challenges regarding trailer utility and highlight emergency response protocols post-incident.
The event featured active participation from both the Driver and Field Councils. Created in 2017, the goal of the Driver Council is to provide a forum for feedback and guidance from our drivers on how we can improve our operations. The Council is made up of drivers from each region, having a mix of both company drivers and independent contractors who hold a wide range of experience.
The Field Council is made up of Terminal, Shop and Dispatch Managers from across the business. Members from across the company contributed their diverse experiences and ideas. This iteration of the council meetings welcomed three new Driver Council members, Company Driver Arlin R Delbridge, Owner Operator Gary Harris, and IC Kevin Benitez. The councils are made up of:

Driver Council: Gurpreet S Sandhu (Gary), Jas Bassi, Mansour Hamdi, Sergio Hernandez, Douglas Whitfield, Marie Pier Turcot, Dominic Bigras, Paul Johnson, Prabhdeep Singh Gill, Ali Dahir Omar, Arlin R Delbridge, Gary Harris and Kevin Benitez

Field Council: Tracy Bird, Keith Monford, Ken Molkoski, Rahul Prakash, Marty Gevorkian, Tera Peszat, Josh Andrade, Deanna Aquin and Kevin Millier
Social gatherings after the council sessions provided relaxed settings for further discussions and networking, strengthening community bonds within Trimac.
This council meeting underscored Trimac’s commitment to continuous improvement and collaboration, setting the stage for future initiatives that will enhance the company’s operations and workplace environment. The next council meeting is eagerly anticipated as Trimac continues to evolve and adapt to the dynamic transportation industry. The meeting concluded with a session of closing comments and council feedback, reflecting on the productive discussions.
 “We want to send a huge thank you to the members of the Driver and Field Councils for participating in some extremely informative sessions in Calgary,” said Nick D’Amico, Director HRBP, highlighting the importance of these interactions. “The conversations and the feedback were informative and genuine and will help us create action items that will shape Trimac to be a better place to work.”

Understanding the risks of distracted driving

The exact definition of distracted driving is fairly straightforward: if you engage in an activity that takes your eyes off the road, you are driving distracted.  
From drinking coffee to checking on the kids in the rearview mirror, distracted driving is all too common, but it is incredibly dangerous. Like texting and driving, this behaviour results in loss of the mental focus required to drive safely — even if you look away momentarily. Car crashes due to distracted driving number in the thousands — as the data shows — and thousands of lives are lost each year despite the fact that this negligence is entirely preventable.  
Using data from the National Highway Safety Association, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the American Automobile AssociationTransport Canada, the Canadian Automobile Association and other publicly available resources, the true impact can’t be ignored. 
The goal of Trimac’s Action Against Distraction campaign is to raise awareness about the serious issue of distracted driving and encourage everyone to prioritize safety. As a leader in the transportation industry, it is our responsibility to guarantee that we are all doing our part to promote road safety. 
Do your part to make our roads safer and take the #ActionAgainstDistraction pledge.

Trimac ranks number 10 on Today’s Trucking’s Top 100 list of for-hire trucking fleets

Truck News ranked Trimac number 10 on Canada’s biggest for-hire fleets list, which is based on equipment, employee and facility data.

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Information Highway News Update – April 16

Meet our Drivers of the Week – Week of April 8, 2024

The Service Centre’s Driver of the Week award honours exemplary individuals who embody professionalism, Service with Safety and exceptional leadership within our driver fleet. This accolade recognizes their outstanding commitment to delivering excellence in every aspect of their job. This recognition celebrates their pivotal role in upholding Trimac’s reputation for excellence, inspiring others and ensuring customer satisfaction. 

Owner Operator Franklin (Frank) Brown
The Houston Service Centre would like to nominate Frank Brown based out of Calvert City, Kentucky. No matter what the situation, there is no job too big or too small for Frank, who is always ready to help whenever needed. He is an absolute pleasure to work with and we would like to thank him for all his hard work.

Company Driver Rafael Leon 
The Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec, branch would like to proudly recognize Rafael Leon, who has been working with us since August 2023. He recently prevented a potential collision with a cyclist by staying vigilant on the road. Rafael’s hard work and commitment do not go unnoticed. Thank you for your outstanding contributions!

Company Driver Evgueni Tourianski
The Edmonton Service Centre would like to recognize Evgueni Tourianski, based out of Langley, British Columbia. Evgueni is known for always wearing his PPE and following procedures. In a recent incident at a customer site, while unloading acid, a valve was left open by the customer that caused a small release of acid under pressure. Evgueni immediately diagnosed the situation, managed to get the valve closed, cleaned up the spill and reported it to the plant. The customer thanked us for his ability to handle the situation and saving them from what could have been a serious incident.  Thank you, Evgueni, for the incredible work you do.

Trimac named a Top Fleet Employer for the sixth consecutive year

Employer by Trucking HR Canada for the sixth year in a row. This prestigious recognition is part of a national initiative that highlights fleets with outstanding human resources practices and policies in the Canadian trucking industry.
At Trimac, we are committed to maintaining a workplace that fosters skills development, employee engagement, and innovative HR practices. Being named a Top Fleet Employer once again is a testament to our continuous effort to not only meet but exceed industry standards in employee satisfaction, workplace culture, and sustainability.

Top Fleet Employer is not a competition, but a rigorous review process where applicants are evaluated based on multiple criteria. Fleets are assessed in these areas: skills development, workplace culture, employee engagement, recruitment practices, compensation, sustainability and innovative HR policies. Employees also play a role in providing feedback about their workplaces.
Top Fleet Employers meet THRC’s human resources standards of excellence and are leaders in showcasing this industry as a great place to work. Trimac has been honoured with Top Fleet Employer of Distinction status again this year, a spot in the program’s ranks that is designated for fleets with a minimum of five and ten consecutive years as a Top Fleet Employer.
Trimac’s inclusion in the 2024 Top Fleet Employers list, along with 103 other outstanding fleets, underscores our role as a leader in the transportation industry, particularly in terms of our human resources policies and our commitment to providing a great place to work for all our employees.

“We are proud to see our list grow for the 11th year in a row,” says Angela Splinter, CEO, Trucking HR Canada. “Fleets from all regions, and of all sizes are represented in the program this year and we look forward to celebrating all the top fleets.”
We extend our gratitude to our dedicated employees, whose feedback and engagement have been instrumental in achieving this recognition. Trimac looks forward to continuing to lead by example in the industry and to celebrating this achievement at the 11th annual Awards Gala to be held at the Palais Royale in Toronto, Ontario on October 17, 2024.
Trucking HR Canada is a national, non-profit organization, advancing modern HR solutions for the trucking and logistics workforce. We collaborate, partner, and work with a dynamic network including industry associations, government departments and industry professionals to ensure Canada’s freight transportation network has the skilled workforce needed for today and into the future.
Thank you to the team members who helped supply information as part of this application program.

Take #ActionAgainstDistraction with Trimac

Distracted driving is one of the most dangerous behaviours on the road today—with fatalities having surpassed those caused by impaired driving in some parts of North America.  
Being behind the wheel of a vehicle as a Trimac driver or in a personal vehicle requires awareness and concentration. Whether attention taken away from the road is caused by a device, dealing with something inside the vehicle or being too tired to commit full attention to the task at hand, distracted driving is a factor in one of every four fatal vehicular accidents every year in Canada. One study discovered that up to 80% of all truck crashes involved drivers being inattentive in some way in the mere three seconds before a crash occurred. 
When someone drives distracted, they’re not just risking their own safety. They’re also putting others in danger, like other drivers, passengers and even pedestrians on the sidewalk. This can lead to serious injuries and negative consequences for families.  
Trimac wants to help stop distracted driving. Since April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month, a time to raise awareness about the dangers of distracted driving, we’re launching a campaign to do just that.  
The truth is we can’t control anyone’s actions other than our own. That’s why Trimac is reviving its Distracted Driving campaign. Today, we ask that you promise to hang up your phone, keep your eyes on the road and do not call or text people who are driving. We want everyone to know how important it is to focus on the road when they’re behind the wheel. With everyone’s help, we can make the roads safer for everyone. 

Take Action Against Distraction 

We encourage you to join Trimac in taking the Action Against Distraction pledge. Tell us your name, where you’re from and who you are taking Action Against Distraction for. Is it for your family? Your friends? Your son or daughter? The workforce on the roads? Take the pledge and share this message with your family and friends on social media using the hashtag #ActionAgainstDistraction. 

Beyond texting 

Although most people recognize distracted driving as a problem, not everyone has the same definition of what it means to be distracted. Most people think of talking on a cell phone or texting, but distracted driving can go beyond these behaviours. 
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has identified three kinds of distracted driving. They are: 
Visual distractions that cause you to take your eyes away from the road. This can include using a GPS, looking at a billboard, rubbernecking an accident, checking out the scenery or even looking at other cars surrounding you instead of those directly in your path and adjacent to you. 

Manual distractions that cause you to remove your hand from the wheel. Behaviours such as eating while driving, using your phone, changing the radio station or reaching for something in the vehicle are all examples of manual distractions. 
Cognitive distractions that take your mind off of driving. Singing, talking, daydreaming or worrying all fall into this category. 
Next time you drive, think about how your actions could drastically change someone’s life. Change starts with you. Do your part to make our roads safer and take the #ActionAgainstDistraction pledge.  

Trimac reinforces commitment to road safety with updated Distracted Driving policy

As a leader in the bulk trucking industry, Trimac has announced a significant update to its distracted driving policy, reaffirming its commitment to safety for all road users. The new policy, effective April 2, 2024, sets new guidelines for vehicle operators to prevent distracted driving incidents, which are a leading cause of traffic accidents across North America.
Under the revised policy, Trimac’s professional drivers are prohibited from engaging in any activities that could divert their attention from the road. The updated policy bans the use of handheld communication devices while driving, including making or answering phone calls using Bluetooth devices.

The use of hands-free communication devices is permitted as long as it complies with local, provincial, state, and federal laws. However, it’s important to clarify that while using a mobile phone hands-free is legally allowed, Trimac does not permit its use to the extent that it becomes a distraction while driving.

“Safety is paramount at Trimac, and our updated distracted driving policy reflects our commitment to protecting not only our drivers but also the communities we serve,” said Alex Guariento, Vice President of Safety, who emphasized the importance of the updated policy. 
“We strictly prohibit any actions that divert our drivers’ attention from the road, including the use of handheld communication devices while driving. Our policy allows the use of hands-free devices, ensuring compliance with all applicable laws and maintaining our focus on road safety. To be clear, while hands-free use of a mobile phone is permitted by law, this does not mean we allow their use to the point of distraction when driving. This policy is a crucial step in reinforcing our safety culture and ensuring every journey is a safe one.”

The decision to update the distracted driving policy came after a thorough review of the company’s safety practices and aims to address the increasing concerns about distracted driving accidents. By setting clear and enforceable rules, Trimac aims to reduce the risk of accidents and enhance the overall safety of its operations.
Trimac has been proactive in its approach to safety, constantly updating its protocols to meet the highest standards. The updated distracted driving policy is part of Trimac’s ongoing efforts to ensure that its fleet operations are safe, reliable, and compliant with the latest safety regulations.
With road safety as a critical aspect of its operations, Trimac continues to lead by example in the trucking industry, promoting a culture of safety that benefits everyone on the road.

Trimac’s process improvement project with Supply Chain Management students wraps up with final presentation

Trimac’s CEO Matt Faure along with Director, Continuous Improvement Nathan Klassen and Business Analyst Lynda Berry attended an end-of-term University of Calgary student presentation focused on improving Trimac’s processes and efficiency with customer portals.
As part of their Field Investigation in Operations Management course, students Chloe Crichton, Eddie Dao and Noah Nguyen presented their findings, providing an in-depth report on their recommendations, which could eventually be applied uniformly across other customer models.
Over the last four months, Trimac has worked collaboratively with students specializing in Supply Chain Management at the University of Calgary’s Haskayne School of Business in Calgary, Alberta, to analyze and identify possible solutions to Trimac’s business challenges.
Throughout that time, students spent a valuable 300 hours learning about the business and delving into the challenges that many companies face within the transportation industry.
Trimac’s involvement in the Digitization for Innovative Supply Chain Consortium (DISC) was the driving factor behind discovering this opportunity to collaborate.

The collaboration represents a testament to Trimac’s commitment to continuous improvement, reinforcing its position as an industry leader and opening the doors to high-quality potential hires. This partnership led Trimac to officially welcome one of the students, Noah Nguyen, as a summer intern starting in May 2024. 

New plastic tandem trailers on the road in Concord, Ont.

Terminal Manager Ed Sidsworth was able to capture the new plastic tandem trailers in the yard, which has been on the road for only a week at the Concord, Ont., branch. This new addition to our fleet will transport resin pellets for our customers such as Chevron, Quantix and Nova Chemicals.
“The larger barrel allows us to haul the volumes that the customers are asking for on their orders,” Ed emphasized.
With enhanced capacity to meet customer demands, the new trailer will also help reduce maintenance costs by lowering the number of mechanical breakdowns. Check out some shots of the shiny new trailer! 

Information Highway News Update – April 9

Meet our Drivers of the Week – Week of April 1, 2024

Company Driver Renee Santos
The Houston Service Centre would like to nominate Renee Santos based out of Marshall, Texas.

“Renee is always proactive when it comes to safety. He takes initiative to share driving tips with other drivers on how to improve their ISAAC scores or coaching them when things get a little hectic. We can always count on him to do the right thing and communicate his needs to the customer and dispatch to make every delivery successful. We’d like to sincerely thank him for his efforts.”

Owner Operator Mostafa Belal 
The Toronto Service Centre would like to proudly recognize Mostafa Belal, our cement driver based out of Dundas, Ontario, for his quick thinking and attention to detail. 
“When Mostafa arrived at the delivery site and received clearance from the Batcher, he hesitated and decided to double-check the order. He recalled that this location typically received slag from a different supplier. This helped to identify a mistake in the order. By addressing the issue promptly, Mostafa prevented potential contamination, demonstrating his keen attention to detail and courageous intervention. Mostafa’s commitment to keeping our deliveries safe and top-notch is impressive, and we really appreciate his outstanding service.”

Owner Operator Kelly Carson
The Edmonton Service Centre would like to recognize Kelly Carson for being dedicated to his job and always prioritizing safety.
“Kelly always has the courage to intervene and is willing to help out new and veteran drivers if they are having issues loading or unloading crude or condensate. Kelly was recently recognized by one of our customers, Broadbill Energy, for his hard work and dedication. Thank you, Kelly, for your years of dedication to the Hardisty Branch!”

Quebec employee appreciation event features sweet treats and smiling faces

Over 200 employees and their families from across Trimac’s offices in Quebec recently gathered to attend the Sugar Shack with Trimac employee appreciation event at the Érablière La Goudrelle in Mont-Saint-Grégoire, QC.
From the shop mechanics in Saint-Hyacinthe to the drivers from Val-Joli, the Trimac family came together to enjoy a traditional francophone meal along with maple syrup on snow. The event, organized by Trimac’s retention committee, was not only a terrific opportunity to meet fellow coworkers from other shops, but it was also a cause for celebration!

Quebecois tradition
Sugar shack festivals, known as “cabanes à sucre,” are a quintessential part of spring in Quebec, Canada. These festivals are deeply rooted in the region’s cultural heritage and celebrate the annual maple syrup-making process. As the winter snow begins to thaw, the sap from maple trees is harvested, marking the start of this sweet season, typically from late February to April, with March being the peak period.

At the heart of the sugar shack experience is the traditional process of making maple syrup. Visitors can witness the journey from tapping the maple trees to collecting the sap and boiling it down to create the syrup. Many sugar shacks offer guided tours and live demonstrations, providing an educational glimpse into this age-old practice. The experience is often sweetened with the chance to taste the freshly made syrup in its various stages of production.

This year, 18 members of the Trimac family celebrated work anniversaries of 20 or more years of service. Each was given a plaque to thank them for their services. Although not all of the service award recipients were in attendance, many were on hand to receive their plaque in person.

Trimac champions lifesaving efforts at 30th annual Enserva STARS & Spurs Gala

Trimac reaffirmed its commitment to critical, life-saving medical services as a key participant in the 30th annual Enserva STARS & Spurs Gala at the fundraiser’s Legendary Steward sponsor on behalf of Maurice McCaig. The event, a cornerstone for fundraising in support of STARS (Shock Trauma Air Rescue Society), was held at the Telus Convention Centre in downtown Calgary, Alberta, drawing leaders from the energy sector, including Trimac, to support this vital cause.
STARS, known for its rapid response to medical emergencies in Alberta, especially in remote and rural locations, is considered a lifeline for the energy industry. Trimac and the McCaig family were early champions of the organization, knowing STARS could one day be called upon if one of our drivers were ever in an emergency in a hard-to-access area of western Canada.
This year’s gala was a significant event, raising over $1.6 million and showcasing the collective dedication to enhancing medical response capabilities across Western Canada. The funds are earmarked for operational support and the acquisition of new medical equipment, keeping STARS at the forefront of medical technology and emergency response.
The STARS Air Ambulance service, founded in Calgary in 1985, was born out of a tragedy that underscored the necessity for immediate medical intervention, regardless of the patient’s location. The service’s founders, including emergency medical physician Dr. Gregory Powell, established STARS with the vision that no life should be lost due to the unavailability of critical care.
The Enserva STARS & Spurs Gala has been a pivotal event since 1994, cumulatively raising over $19 million, marking it as STARS’ most significant annual fundraising initiative. The success of these events, including the recent gala, underlines the importance of community and industry support in maintaining and advancing the lifesaving services provided by STARS.
Through its involvement and sponsorship, Trimac continues to play an integral role in supporting STARS, reinforcing its dedication to safety, community welfare, and the provision of essential emergency services. The participation in such events aligns with Trimac’s core values of Service with Safety, ensuring that the life-saving work of STARS can continue to benefit those in need across Western Canada.

Chat with Matt – Featuring Mark Robert

In this edition of Chat with Matt, Matt sits down with Quebec and Atlantic Canada Area Manager Mark Robert, who has been with Trimac in Operations for the past 17 years. Mark shares his journey at Trimac, including his recent achievement as one of the Extra Mile Award winners. During the conversation, he delves into how a significant award in Atlantic Canada was gained, marking a major success for the region, and the doubling of operations in Atlantic Canada between 2022 and 2023, which led to the acquisition of Transport Sylvain Lasalle.
Matt and Mark talk about the integration process of Transport Lasalle into Trimac’s Quebec operations in May 2023, the growth from eight to almost 60 propane units within a year, and the collaborative spirit within the strong Quebec team across Safety, Truckline, NTS, and Sales. They also highlight the unique aspect of operating in Quebec’s distinct linguistic environment and how it stands as a proud strength of the team. Join Matt and Mark for an insightful discussion on the achievements, challenges, and teamwork that drive Trimac’s success in Quebec and Atlantic Canada.

Montreal Tank Wash expands operational capabilities with new Hyster container handler

Montreal Tank Wash (MTW) has taken a significant step in expanding its intermodal container service offerings with the recent acquisition of a Hyster RS46-33 container handler. This strategic move enhances the company’s existing shop and washrack operations, enabling it to operate as a fully equipped intermodal container depot—capable of providing comprehensive repair, inspection and storage solutions for empty and loaded containers.
The Hyster RS46-33 is a significant investment aimed at enhancing MTW’s operational productivity and service quality, which will help with competitive market position and expanding customer portfolio opportunities. Before the acquisition, MTW only serviced one intermodal container customer. Former equipment presented various challenges, such as the limited ability to handle larger customer requests. This prompted the need for an upgrade.
“This new machine represents a pivotal moment for MTW,” said Kevin Millier, Assistant Area Manager for MTW and National Tank Services. “It allows us to broaden our service offerings, cater to a more diverse customer base and become a key player in the intermodal container sector.”

Constructed with durability and efficiency in mind, the Hyster RS46-33 features a two-stage boom design made from T-1 steel and incorporates a one-piece frame with reinforced welding for enhanced strength. Renowned for its advanced safety and technology, the container handler provides the following key benefits and capabilities:
High productivity and precision: The Hyster RS46-33 offers four-mode average speeds for lifting and lowering under laden and unladen conditions at 0.42 m/sec (84 fpm)—a high-speed rate compared to industry averages. Its vertical tilt capabilities are activated via a button on a joystick, which synchronizes the boom derricking and telescoping functions to keep the bottom of the container parallel with the ground with safety and precision.

Automated spreader functionality: The handler is equipped with an automated one-touch extend and retract feature, enabling it to automatically extend to 20 or 40 feet with the push of a button. This significantly streamlines the container handling process, reducing the time required for spreader adjustment and improving operational efficiency. 

Patented stabilizer technology: Hyster’s patented stabilizer utilizes dynamic pressure to maintain approximately 24% of front loading on the front axle. This provides additional side stability and lower ground loading, reducing tire wear on the rear axle by requiring four tons less weight in the counterweight—improving operational safety, efficiency and cost-savings. 

Extended service intervals: The handler’s engine and drivetrain components are engineered for durability and extended use, operating on 500-hour service intervals. Its extended hydraulic oil change intervals also allow the handler to remain in operation for longer periods between necessary maintenance, minimizing service downtime and ensuring MTW can maintain higher levels of productivity.

Wide twist lock position spreader: Hyster’s RS46-33 can accommodate a wide range of container sizes, including eight-foot six-inch-wide and standard eight-foot containers. This versatility helps MTW service a broad range of container specifications, enhancing operational flexibility and meeting an array of customer needs.
The acquisition of the Hyster RS46-33 signifies MTW’s commitment to meeting the evolving needs of the intermodal container sector and marks a new era of growth and efficiency for the company. With this equipment upgrade, MTW is well-positioned to offer unparalleled service quality and operational excellence, maintaining its competitive edge and reinforcing its role as an industry leader.

Information Highway News Update – April 4

Meet our Drivers of the Week – Week of March 25, 2024

The Service Centre’s Driver of the Week award honours exemplary individuals who embody professionalism, Service with Safety and exceptional leadership within our driver fleet. This accolade recognizes their outstanding commitment to delivering excellence in every aspect of their job. This recognition celebrates their pivotal role in upholding Trimac’s reputation for excellence, inspiring others and ensuring customer satisfaction. 

Company Driver Gary Vaughn
“The Houston Service Centre would like to nominate Gary Vaughn. Gary is one of our most dependable Driver Coaches and Isocyanate preloader drivers who is always willing to go above and beyond the normal call of duty.
In the past few weeks, Gary has been able to prevent multiple Dow service failures by identifying trailers that had potential issues, including a leaking wheel seal, two dirty crash boxes and worn tires. Gary has also identified multiple Find and Fix situations at our Bayport Terminal, which helps his fellow professional drivers stay safe while on the road.
We thank Gary Vaughn for his continued service, his work ethic, and for being a true leader.”

Company Driver Keith Dexter

“The Toronto Service Centre would like to nominate Keith Dexter. Keith is our most senior company driver, celebrating his 28th work anniversary on March 30th with Trimac.

He has been a very knowledgeable and safe driver for our group. We would like to appreciate his long tenure here with Trimac and look forward to another 28 years.”
Owner Operator Nebil Ahmed
“The Edmonton Service Centre would like to nominate Nebil Ahmed, who has been working with Trimac since 2019.

He is on the Petcoke lane but has cross-trained on molten sulfur, aggregate, crushed sulfur and solvent. 

He is always there to help wherever he is needed and goes above expectations to assist other drivers, doing it all with a smile and keeping safety above all else.”

Women’s History Month Spotlight wrap up

Shining a Spotlight on women in transportation!

Throughout March, Trimac celebrated the incredible women who drive us forward in the transportation industry! From the drivers behind the wheel to the leaders shaping our company, their stories inspire us all.  We’re proud to highlight their strength, diversity and unwavering dedication. Thank you for everything you do.

BC Owner Operator championing cancer research fundraiser

Colin Van Soelen, a long-term Trimac Owner Operator based at Port Colborne Branch 52, is participating in this summer’s Ride to Conquer Cancer, an event aimed at raising funds and awareness for cancer research. In a touching tribute, he rides in honour of his family members who have battled cancer.
Planning to traverse approximately 225 kilometres through southern Ontario, Colin’s route will begin at Exhibition Place in Toronto with an overnight stay in Hamilton at McMaster University. He will cross the finish line in front of scenic Niagara Falls on Day 2. This challenge, set for June 8 to 9, not only showcases Colin’s physical endurance but also his deep-seated resolve to make a difference in the fight against cancer.
“I started doing this ride a few years ago because an uncle of mine passed away from pancreatic cancer,” said Colin. “Since then, I have lost another uncle and currently have a third uncle fighting for his life as we speak. I have become passionate about the ride over the years, not just because of the people close to me, but because of the people I meet while fundraising or on the ride, telling me their stories.”
Colin’s story is a testament to the spirit of giving and community involvement that defines Trimac. His efforts in cancer research fundraising reflect a profound commitment to contributing positively to society. His goal is to raise $2,500 before he hits the road.
Check out his fundraising page here.
“There are so many stories—everyone has one, some tragic and heartbreaking, some stories of hope,” said Colin. “I do this because I can, and for those who can’t. And I do this in the hopes that I will be alive the day that there are more stories of hope than there are stories of tragedy.”
Learn more about the Ride to Conquer Cancer event at

Trimac finds final dispatch support intern at Humber College Career Fair

Trimac recently attended the Humber College Career Fair in Toronto, Ontario.  
The highlight of the event was the recruitment of Trimac’s third and final Dispatch Support intern at the Toronto Service Centre. Recruiter Varun (Vinny) Sharma and Dispatch Manager Amandeep Waraich attended the event, conducting a live interview leading to the new addition.  
Our team was able to engage with the enthusiastic crowd and interact with a diverse pool of aspiring professionals, underscoring the company’s dedication to nurturing emerging talent. 

Beyond recruitment, the fair served as a platform for networking and fostering connections with students eager to explore opportunities in the industry.  

Trimac continues to uphold its commitment to talent development and recruitment through impactful initiatives like these. 

“Overall, it was a successful event. We met current students and graduates that are looking to gain hands-on experience in the Transportation industry.”
– Recruiter Varun Sharma 

Trimac attends the United Way Alberta Capital Region's Red Tie Gala

A staple of United Way of the Alberta Capital Region for over 30 years, the annual Red Tie Gala event, hosted in Edmonton, Alberta, celebrates and recognizes the hard work and community spirit of United Way supporters.
Trimac’s Terminal Manager Brad Bessette was recognized as one of the nominees for the Outstanding Committee Member of the Year Award. This award is presented to the committee member (or company volunteer) that demonstrated exceptional commitment to success in the workplace during the campaign.
Although Brad did not take home the award, his nomination recognizes his outstanding contributions to his community.  
Congratulations, Brad!

Call for 2024 United Way Campaign co-chair

Are you interested in making an impact on your community? Or do you want to help design fun and rewarding experiences for Trimac staff across Canada and the US? If so, you’re in luck. The Trimac United Way Committee is currently looking for an enthusiastic and creative co-chair volunteer to help guide this year’s United Way Campaign.
Everyone needs a hand at one point or another, and everyone deserves a fair shot at a good life. That’s why the United Way exists—to improve lives locally. United Way chapters in Canada and the US operate within a strong network of social services to build a connected system of community support so everyone has access to programs and services when they need them, guaranteeing daily assistance for our community’s most vulnerable people.
Trimac has been involved with Calgary & Area United Way since 1988. Since then, Trimac has raised over $2 million. United Way’s investment strategies, which are based on creating systems change, build capacity and address the underlying causes of social problems by focusing on socioeconomic well-being, mental health, social inclusion, and healthy relationships. Last year, throughout October, Trimac staff across North America raised a record of more than $80,000 for those in need. This total includes funds raised through the Trimac for Good corporate donation platform, in-person events in offices across Canada and the US, and payroll donations.
This year’s campaign is scheduled to kick off in October. The campaign is run by a dedicated group of volunteers across the organization. The chairs of the campaign (who can be based in any location) are committed to a two-year term—first as co-chair and then acting as the chair of the committee for the second year. They are responsible for planning and executing the campaign.
“We are excited to continue our longstanding tradition of giving back and shaping stronger communities,” said 2024 United Way Chair Jennifer Fraser. “Your involvement not only supports those in need but also brings a sense of pride and accomplishment to our Trimac family. Let’s make a difference together and set a new record with our 2024 United Way Campaign!”