Hurricane Michael

Latest Update:




Note to Employees:

At this time, employees in the impacted area are requested to:

  • Ensure public safety by securing equipment as directed by your supervisor.
  • Provide your personal contact information and emergency plans to supervisor or Trimac Central Operations.
  • Ensure personal safety of you and your loved ones.

Note to Customers:

Trimac is committed to providing safe and reliable service to our customers. Trimac will be reaching out to customers individually to notify them of potential disruptions, and alternate plans where the possibility exists. If you have immediate questions, please reach out to Trimac Central Operations at:
1-800-347-2374 ext 1 and ext 1 again.

Contact for More Information:

Trimac Central Operations
1-800-347-2374 ext. 1 and ext. 1 again

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