COVID-19 Update

In the last several weeks the COVID-19 coronavirus has become top of mind for many, as individuals and companies, continue to deal with the uncertainty this has created. Trimac has been and will continue to actively monitor the situation, its impact to our operations, and ultimately to your supply chains, as part of our Business Continuity Plan (BCP). 

We would like to share this update with your directly, but also, to provide a way to deliver real time updates.  Things are changing quickly, and we are constantly receiving numerous requests for information and updates, and in an attempt to catalogue information and offer quick and transparent answers for our customers we have included below a link to an FAQ on our website.  This link will give you access to our latest information.  Of course, if you have other questions that are not answered there, please feel free to reach out to your Sales Representative.

Core Objectives

The core objectives of the BCP are simple, to ensure the health and safety of our employees, to preserve the continuity of our operations, and the supply chains we support, and finally, to ensure we can communicate regularly and transparently with our customers.  We have put together a multi-disciplinary team that, reporting to the Executive Committee, meets daily to put the necessary actions in place to achieve these core objectives.

Health & Safety Initiatives

In terms of our day to day operations across North America, we have initiated several measures to reduce risk through educating our team on best practices as directed through the CDC and other health organizations, this includes:

  • Asking any employee who can work remotely to do so wherever possible
  • Individual hygiene guidelines to employees, including practicing good social distancing, and more frequent and thorough cleanings of all facilities and shared items prior to use (including truck cabs)
  • Self-isolate for 14 days for anyone feeling flu like symptoms or for any employee that has travelled outside of the country in the past 14 days
  • A full ban on air travel and or attending any large gatherings until further notice, and encouraging virtual meetings/conference calls wherever possible

Continuity of Operations

We have not experienced any significant changes in demand, nor experienced any disruptions to our service levels due to COVID-19.  We will continue to monitor this closely.  We have taken several steps to ensure that we are able to fully maintain our operations, and meet the demands of our customers and their supply chains:

  • Working with regulators in Canada and US to declare Truck Drivers as an essential service to exempt them closed borders, cross border quarantines, and easing of hours of service rules
  • Service Center/Head Office Staff who support our drivers and shop technicians have been equipped and trained to work remotely, with over 70% currently working remotely
  • Our network of National Tank Services shops and wash racks continue to operate, ensuring equipment up-time is protected
  • Our IT infrastructure has been tested, and is capable of handling the increased remote workforce
  • Dispatch continues to function fluidly and communication with our drivers and customers is properly functioning and transparent
  • Terminal managers continue to engage with drivers and communication is shared with drivers via their in-cab devices
  • All three of our Service Centers (Houston, Edmonton and Toronto) are designed to continue operations under any circumstances and protect supply chains

Frequent Transparent Communication

We commit to communicate regularly with our valued customers:

  • Provide regular updates to customers highlighting any changes as soon as possible
  • Include links to our external website that provides updates and FAQ’s
  • Provide virtual access to our Sales team leaders to deliver supply chain confidence and answer any questions or concerns you have
  • Provide Contact Information for various key functions within Trimac

At this point, North American capacity does not appear to be significantly impacted and we continue to have the resources to meet demand levels.   As indicated above we are working with regulators to protect capacity through deeming truck drivers as an essential service.  Capacity is obviously a fluid situation and we will continue to monitor over the coming days.

Trimac will continue to monitor the evolving situation, and we want to ensure you that we will be vigilant in meeting our core objectives that focus on the safety of our customers and employees. We are committed to continue providing the services that our customers rely upon, and we will continue to provide frequent and transparent communications.

We understand these circumstances affect us all, and, is continuously evolving. We will continue to monitor the situation and maintain our commitment to provide frequent and transparent updates to you as appropriate. As always, Trimac strives to be a champion for health and safety, for our customers, employees and in the communities, we work in. We appreciate your continued support and cooperation in these efforts.

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