Scope of Operations

With more than 100 branches throughout North America, Trimac is uniquely qualified to respond to most service demands in North America’s key bulk commodity shipping locations and traffic lanes.

Trimac’s operations are complemented by strategic partners in Mexico, adding full service capability in and out of the North America.

Trimac operates thousands of tractors and bulk trailers. The majority of our trailers are stainless steel MC-307/DOT-407 models. In addition, we also operate trailers dedicated to hauling various dry bulk commodities including cement, coal, fly ash, lime, and dry plastics.  Trimac utilizes both independent contractors and company drivers.  All independent contractors’ equipment is under lease to Trimac and is operated under the same stringent maintenance and safety programs as company-owned equipment.  Drivers for independent contractors are also subject to the same hiring, safety, and performance requirements as company drivers. 

Trimac Transportation focuses on:

  • Liquid bulk hauling for the chemical industries primarily located in central and western Canada, eastern U.S., the Gulf Coast and the west coast of the U.S.
  • Dry bulk shipments for the construction, mining, and forestry industries primarily located in the central and western U.S. and throughout Canada.
  • Petroleum based products primarily located on the west coast of the U.S. and throughout Canada.
  • Industrial gases.
  • A variety of specialized services.

We also provide maintenance shops and tank cleaning operations throughout North America, including ASME-certified shops in Houston, TX, Burlington, ON and Edmonton, AB.

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