Public Safety

In the event of a sudden and accidental spill of product in-transit or during handling, Trimac has defined exhaustive emergency response and recovery procedures. 

Trimac has a formal Emergency Response Contingency Plan that comes into effect during these situations. The plan documents the process steps to be followed, and the personnel to be contacted. We handle the situation from end-to-end.

Our team is compromised of qualified people who get the job done right.  Our personnel have either emergency first responder training or are certified as Highway Emergency Response Specialists and have equipment to assist at the scene.  Internal management training in emergency situations is performed regularly.

Trimac has a network of outside services that are in place in the event of an emergency.  Notification of all regulatory agencies is a requirement.

Trimac also participates in the bulk truck Mutual Aid program to assist other carriers in the event that Trimac is better positioned geographically to respond to an emergency. 

We continue to participate with customers, industry groups, and emergency first responders in simulation exercises. 

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