Environmental Workplace

Our staff is focused on office efficiencies that reduce waste.  As a company, Trimac has reduced the number of printers, introduced double-sided printing, and actively recycles print cartridges and paper.

Departments have reduced paper and courier costs by promoting online viewing of internal documents.  Coffee cups are provided, washed, and reused, rather than using disposable Styrofoam cups.  Trimac is always looking for ways to limit our impact on the environment.

Our office initiatives include:

  • Eliminating personal printers, opting instead for efficient shared devices.  Printing is generally double-sided and black and white.
  • Scrap paper is recycled. 
  • Recycling all components of obsolete computer equipment. 
  • Business documents are not printed / inventoried until required. 
  • Minimizing our carbon footprint by reducing the use of courier services.  Our workforce is encouraged to adopt direct deposit and electronic versions of settlement information.  We image way-bill documents that are required in different geographic locations by our staff and customers, eliminating the need to courier and fax documents. 
  • Minimizing the air and ground travel of our office workforce whenever possible.  We provide cost effective conferencing services that eliminate the need for extensive travel by large numbers of our staff.

Little things add up to a greener Trimac!

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