Environmental Equipment

Trimac is investing in upgrading to newer tractors that have better fuel economy as well as working directly with engine suppliers on lowering emission engines that reduce soot and particulate matter, as well as lower carbon dioxide and other green house gas emissions.  The focus is on new technology that lowers fuel consumption and air emissions.

We have converted to ultra low sulphur diesel fuel that reduces emissions from previously used low sulphur diesel.  While these changes in technology have improved engine emissions, they have a negative impact on both initial cost and annual operating cost and fuel consumption.  Even so, Trimac believes this is the right step to take as a responsible carrier compliant with changing environmental regulations.

We are using on-board computers to provide engine performance information to our drivers so that they can better understand the impact of their driving habits on engine performance/fuel consumption. 

We also have system-wide insight to our tractor fleet’s maintenance history and proactively schedule engine work to ensure performance is not compromised. 

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