Environmental Responsibility

Trimac Transportation has a long history of involvement in environmental initiatives.  Trimac is committed to protecting the environment for our communities, as well as our employees, customers, and stakeholders.  Trimac has embarked on several specific initiatives to limit our impact on the environment.

Protecting the Environment »
We proactively set specific environmental improvement targets.  Management and employees are committed to conducting our business in a manner that preserves, protects, and enhances the environment through our Environmental Protection policy. 

Clean Operations »
Corporate initiatives including managing fuel economy and tire management, reducing utility needs, and handling wastewater treatment recognizes the potential impact of our operations on the environment and how we can do our part.

Equipment »
Trimac has invested in upgrading to tractors that have better fuel economy, and work directly with engine suppliers to lower emissions, carbon dioxide, and other green house gas emissions.  The focus is on new technology that lowers fuel consumption and air emissions.

Public Safety »
In the event of a sudden and accidental spill of product in transit, Trimac's emergency response plans are in place to handle urgent situations, engaging qualified third-party environmental consultants to keep the public safe.

Office Workplace »
Sometimes the little things all add up.  Our staff focuses on office efficiencies to help reduce waste.  Trimac has reduced the number of printers, introduced double-sided printing, and actively recycles print cartridges and paper.  Various departments have reduced paper and courier costs by promoting online viewing of internal reports.  Even coffee cups are provided, washed, and reused rather than using disposable Styrofoam cups.  As a team, Trimac is always looking for ways to limit our impact on the environment.

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