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2014 Best Fleets to Drive For

Our drivers selected Trimac as one of the Best Fleets to Drive For in 2014.

Way to make us blush!

Trimac Transportation Services Limited Partnership, by its managing general partner Trimac Transportation Services Inc. (“Trimac”), is the business unit responsible for Trimac Transportation System’s Canadian-based operations.

Headquartered in Calgary, AB, Trimac consists of more than 60 branches throughout Canada, making Trimac uniquely qualified and positioned to respond to most service demands on key bulk commodity shipping locations and traffic lanes.

In Canada, Trimac operates more than 1,000 tractors and bulk trailers, including MC-307/DOT-407 stainless steel trailers, and trailers to haul various dry bulk commodities including cement, fly ash, wood chips, lime, and dry plastics. Trimac utilizes both independent contractors and company drivers.  All independent contractors’ equipment is operated under the same stringent maintenance and safety programs as company-owned equipment. Drivers for independent contractors are also subject to the same hiring, safety, and performance requirements as company drivers. 

Trimac’s trucking revenue comes from:

  • Liquid chemical hauling in central and western Canada. 
  • Dry shipments, predominantly servicing the forest, construction, and manufacturing industries throughout Canada.
  • Petroleum based products throughout Canada.

We operate maintenance shops and washracks throughout Canada, including an ASME-certified shop in Edmonton, AB.

Trimac also has a 29 per cent ownership position in Northern Resource Trucking Limited Partnership, a Saskatoon-based hauler.

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